Behold: our new EP is OUT NOW!

Unleashing their most audacious offering to date, Sargassus present their new EP, King of the Sun, a monstrous addition to their progressive death metal discography. These four tracks, composed in an intuitive manner in live jamming sessions and recorded in 2023, forge a unique sonic landscape that stands as testament to the band's unyielding artistic evolution. The members of Sargassus continue to refine their skills weaving intricate, complex musical structures with raw, powerful emotion. This EP encapsulates the relentless spirit of the genre while offering new layers of depth and complexity, with the songs being all the more atmospheric as the band aims to paint an eerie backdrop to the increased technicality of the songs. Samu Oittinen – the legendary producer responsible for the new EP’s mix and master – made sure to fulfil the band’s vision about organic yet brutal and atmospheric soundscape. The lyrical themes of the EP heavily draw inspiration from the epic of Lucien, the first ever science fiction story to be told and recorded in history. Strange entities with selfish causes wage a cosmic war for the ownership of planet Venus, with even stranger armies ushered into pyrrhic battles. The EP reflects upon this madness as well as the needless suffering of all involved, with no clear victor to claim the prize in the end.